Get the JOB and FREEDOM you always deserve

Earn $16 $23 per hour. 
And have the liberty to choose WHEN and WHERE you want to work.

Freedom to choose
Have full control. Decide on what you want in your convenience.
Fast and Easy to use platform
Have full control. Decide on what you want in your convenience.
Safe and Secure partners
Have full control. Decide on what you want in your convenience.

The benefits that you will have

Freedom to choose

Have full control. Decide on what you want at your convenience.

Fast and easy to use platform

We provide a fast and easy way to find the job that fits you.

Safe and Secure partners

We partner with trusted companies to ensure your safety and security.

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Freedom to choose

Have the flexibility that you want. Have complete control of your time. Choose where and when you want to apply.

Fast and easy way to apply

We provide various jobs where you can choose on your preferences and convenience.

Safe and Secure partners

We partner with companies that give your security in terms of compensation and benefits.

J&D Staffing

Know more about us

Our company will open a window of opportunity for those people who are willing to make an extra income but has hectic time schedule. For example, a parent that need to manage their time between making an income and taking care of her/his family, our platform will give them choices to accept or forgo a work. A student who needs to prioritize their school will have a chance to work when it is convenient to his/her school works.

Our platform also helps businesses, because they will also have a chance to adjust the manpower they need. For example, groceries stories that needed more cashiers on certain time because one of their employees is absent, they can now request one and we will send someone to fill those position. A care facility who needs extra caregiver because one of their caregivers got sick, we will send someone to replace that employee for that day.

With our platform, businesses will now have power to increase their manpower base on they need.

For employees: they can choose if they want to direct deposit to their account or through mail. They will also have an option to receive their payment through Venmo or Zelle.

  • Higher pay.
    Pay will be higher than the minimum wage.
    Compensation per hour varies depending on the time of work and where to work.
    * The amount of per hour will be shown on work offer before you accept each work.
  • Additional pay if working site is far from the address.

For Employee: Sign up and provide information about yourself and you have downloaded some documents and send it back to provided email to finish the hiring process.

Once all the documents have been approved, you will receive a confirmation through text message.

All job offers will be send through text, all information’s regarding the job will be provided through text such as address, dates, how many hours and the task that you need to do.

Once you received a text you will have an option accept it or deny an offer, you will have 30 minutes to respond, or we will give the offer to other employees.

*** Time sheet will be provided by employers.

For businesses/employers: You must sign up and provide information about your business and once you finished signing you can now send a request on what kind of manpower do you need.

For example: You need a caregiver, simply just write down how many, when, and the task they need to do. After that, we will confirm your request through text and send you the information about the employee/s.

*** It is important to provide time in/out sheet for employee/s to track their hours.


  1. Roles and Requirements
  • J&D staffing provide emergency employment for those business that need additional employee or manpower. Employer will request an additional manpower then the employee will decide if he/she will accept the work offer.
  • J&D Staffing offer flexibility, employees will have a freedom to chose which and what time they want to work. Employee will be working on different company base on their availability and willingness to work.
  • Requirements:
    • 18 Years Old or Older
    • Eligibility to work in the U.S
    • Reliable phone *Smartphones are preferred
    • Can follow instructions


Please note - people who work as a caregiver or CNA may have to carry more than 50+ pounds. There will be an instruction on work offer before you accept them, please read them carefully and if you cannot do it, DO NOT ACCEPT.


  1. Pay and earnings
    1. Pay: your payment will be varies depending on hours you have work and the shift you work on. Compensation will be provided on text message along with the job offer. Therefore, if you think that it is not enough you will have an option to deny that offer.
    2. You can check you work history on your profile and how much have you earned yet.
    3. Payday will be every next Friday.
      Your work from Monday to Sunday will be paid on the following Friday.


  1. Getting scheduled
  • Once all the documents have been approved you will receive a confirmation text that you are ready to work
  • Job offer will send through text only if there is a work available nearby your listed address.
  • Then you will have an option to accept or deny an offer within 30 minutes.
  • Once you accept the offer, further instruction will be sent through text message.


  1. How to get help
  • Call 911 if it is life and death situation.
  • If you feel like the environment around you is not safe, go to supervisor and file a report.
  • If you feel like you are being treated differently, reach out to people in charge and file a report to the agency by simply sending an email or text message.

Health: We are currently facing a pandemic, therefore, we are hoping that everyone follows health guidelines set up by CDC which you can find in this link :
Healthcare Workers: Information on COVID-19 | CDC

    • Safety tools and reporting
    1. Safety incidents reporting
      First, contact the supervisor on duty so they can file a report about happened.
    2. Contact emergency services
      Call 911

Get that JOB and FREEDOM you always deserve. 
Earn $16 - $23 per hour.

Get the JOB and FREEDOM you always deserve!

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